This is an account of our December 2007 20-day-trip through Cuba. We started our journey in Havana and drove to the North-West end of the island all the way down to Santiago de Cuba.


We arrived in Havana from New York, via Cancun (Cuban authorities won’t stamp your passport!).

After three days in the capital, we picked up or rental car (disaster - read about it in our blog) and drove west to Viñales (that’s where the tobacco plantations are). After two days we drove back east, passed Havana and went on to Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Camaguey, Bayamo, crosed the Sierra Maestre and drove along the costal road (disaster - what road?) to Santiago de Cuba. After two days in Sigua we dropped off the car at the airport (attention: one-way rentals cost extra!) and flew back to Havana. From there we hitched a flight back to NYC (again via Cancun).

Ruth had arranged all hotels via the internet - you read about the hotel in the blog. The rental car was also booked through the internet (so we thought). It pays to read the emails you receive, especially if it says “please send email to confirm that you like to rent this car” - even though the rest of the email looks just like a booking confirmation and lists a confirmation number... (that’s how we ended up with a Peugeot 205 and not a 4-wheel Jeep - disaster...).

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